Doum Juice is one of our famous oriental juices.

The egg-shaped fruits belonging to the Doum palm have a gingery taste and so does our juice.

It is a refreshing beverage that you can enjoy all year long.

Doum helps in stabilizing blood pressure and treating urinary tract infections and prostate inflammation. Doum lowers the blood cholesterol level keeping the heart and brain safe as it prevents atherosclerosis resulting from increased cholesterol levels in the blood. It helps with respiratory system problems like asthma. Also, it improves the sexual stamina of men, and treats hemorrhoids and skin diseases of all kinds such as dermatitis and also treats mouth ulcers and gums. Doum juice has a lactogenic effect; assisting in milk production of nursing mothers and treats nipple cracking and swelling.


Nutritious Value

  • Soothes Cough.
  • Rich in Vitamins A,B.
  • Safe for children and pregnant women.

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