About Us

About Us - ISIS Organic
ISIS, founded in 1997, produces wholesome, nutritious and tasty food from carefully selected raw materials, free of any artificial additives or preservatives.
Purely Organic!


Our Products

Our Products - ISIS Organic
From soothing Herbal Tea to healthy Honey … A great variety of products are waiting for you. Find your product mix now or try out one of our tasty Organic recipes for a healthy meal.

Great Quality

Quality You Can Taste - ISIS Organic
Shop your Organic Lifestyle now!
Visit myISIshop.com and order your Organic products directly to your doorstep in greater Cairo! 


Why Go Organic?

What is Organic?
Why does it cost more?
Organic Stamp - ISIS Organic
Is it really better compared to conventional food?
The fact that Organic products are free from chemicals, fertilizers, additives, GMO (genetically modified organisms) etc. gives you an idea about their purity.
And it is not only about your health, but also about the health of your children and our environment! 

Join Us

Join Us Now - ISIS OrganicWe are more than a producing company; we are a community! As part of the SEKEM Group, ISIS strives for fair pricing, good working conditions through advanced edu-cation, health care and a warm working atmosphere. We want to welcome you in our Organic Family and would like you to share with us your ideas, your comments, and your complaints, as we want to become better every single day! Visit us at our farm and get a real impression of our work and community!